Go Vegan guides, travel guides, cookbooks, tools for activists

How to go vegan

The Vegan Guide

The Vegan Guide

The complete guide to going vegan at home during lockdown. How to replace meat, dairy and eggs. Cooking and baking techniques. Cheap eats. Nutrition. 20 types of vegans. Find vegan friends. Talking to your family. Reversing heart disease and diabetes. Vegan kids. Vegan pets. Get active.

Protein: Less is More

Protein : Less is more

An introduction to what protein is and how it is used by the body. Includes amino acids, photosynthesis, globular, fibrous and membrane proteins, collagen, keratin, elastin, DNA, complete protein, problems with animal protein. No chemistry required.

Travel Guides

Vegan London

Vegan London complete

5 books in 1: Central East North South West. 800 colour pages. 260 vegan and 200 veggie restaurants, cafes and take-aways. 400 more places with great vegan food. 200 shops. Photos, maps.

Vegetarian Paris

Vegetarian Paris

45 vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Paris, 140 more with great vegan food. Accommodation. Shopping. Colour photos throughout. Maps of every area. Comes with free updates sheet of new openings. 224 pages.

Vegetarian North of England

Vegetarian North of England

600 entries in 16 counties. Includes giant sections for Cumbria (Lake District), Manchester and Yorkshire. 240 pages. Veggie maps of York and central Manchester.

Vegan Passport

Vegan Passport 5

Contains a page for each of 79 languages covering 95% of the world's population, saying what vegans do and don't eat in great detail. Let the waiter show it to the cook and you'll be sure of a totally animal-free meal even if no one speaks a word of your language.

Vegan Cookbooks

Return of the Cake Scoffer

Return of the Cake Scoffer

Ronny and her squad of cartoon animal chefs present over 25 fantastic cafe-tested recipes for vegan cakes, flapjacks, slices, chocolate eclairs, pie, pudding, brownies, truffles, cheesecake and toffee apple.

The Breakfast Scoffer

The (all day) Breakfast Scoffer

Ronny's cartoon animal chefs star in an orgy of stunning savoury recipes that are the antidote to beans on toast. From fry-ups and crumpet pizza to the holy grail of vegan breakfast cooking, how to make vegan croissants or pain au chocolat.

A Taste of Leeds

A Taste of Leeds

90 superb vegan recipes for soups, dips, pates, mains, cakes and desserts. From Leeds Vegetarian and Vegan Society potlucks.

For Activists

Animal Rights dvd

Animal Rights dvd

Animal Rights is a far reaching social reform movement. This film examines the issues with undercover footage, interviews with activists, and an exploration of the psychology of change. 22 minutes. Ideal for opening meetings and school talks.

A Delicate Balance

A Delicate Balance dvd

The world's leading vegan medical doctors and agriculture experts explain the latest discoveries in nutrition and how animal agriculture is the biggest threat to our health and the environment. 84 minutes. Ideal for meetings and vegan events.

Campaign Against Cruelty

Campaign Against Cruelty - an activist's handbook - 2nd Edition

Shows you how to launch a campaigning group, run street stalls, arrange a meeting or video showing, speak in public, produce leaflets, posters and newsletters, raise money, promote veggie and vegan food in your area and veganize your canteen, organise a demo, appear on tv and radio, understand how the law affects your right to protest.
Animus graphic novel cover

Animus: Consciousness Rising

Gripping graphic novel about an undercover squad of animals, led by a badger, who set up a secret base from where they fight back against hunters and factory farmers. Each animal brings unique abilities to the team.