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Eating Vegetarian Worldwide

Africa - Vegetarian restaurants in Africa

Americas - Global restaurants, especially North America Vegetarian Latin America Vegetarian Argentina (Spanish)
Brazil vegetarian restaurants (Portuguese)
Brazil vegetarian restaurants (Portuguese)
Brazil vegetarian restaurants (Portuguese)
Brasil Vegano (Portuguese) - vegetarianism in Brazil (Portuguese) - Brazilian Vegetarian Society (Portuguese) Toronto Vegetarian Society, Canada
Vancouver vegetarian restaurants, Canada Vegan Quebec, Canada (French) - Montreal Vegetarian Association, Canada - Vegetarian Journal's USA and Canada guide - USA and Canada local groups - USA vegetarian city and state guides - Green Earth Travel USA - Vegetarian Hawaii - New York City vegan restaurant guide - Vegetarian Pennsylvania - Vegetarian San Diego - Vegetarian San Francisco - Vegetarian Seattle - Vegetarian Washington DC, Maryland & Virginia


Vegetarian guide to Cambodia (English) - Beijing vegetarian restaurants - Vegan Social Club of Beijing (English) Vegan Hong Kong (English) Indonesian Vegetarian Society (English) - Tokyo Vegan Meetup (English)
Tokyo Raw Food Meetup (English) - Being vegetarian in Japan (English) - lots of links (English) (English) - Vegetarian Kyoto & Sapporo (English) - Japan Vegetarian Society (Japanese) - Veggie Culture Network (Japanese)

Vegetarian restaurants in Korea (English) - Veggie Malaysia - Singapore Vegetarian Society
Vegan Taiwan book

Vegan Thailand (English)
Vegetarian Thai Guide (English)
Vegetarian Survival Guide to Thailand (English)

Vegetarian Vietnam

Australasia Australian Vegetarian Society - Vegetarian/Vegan Society of Queensland Natural Health and Vegetarian Life magazine, link on right for restaurant list - New Zealand restaurants and shops - New Zealand Vegetarian Society - New Zealand Vegan Society

Europe - The Vegetarian Society (UK) - The Vegan Society (UK) - Vegan London, England - Vegetarian Edinburgh, Scotland - Cycling holidays in Wales and nearby - Vegan Austria (German) - Vegetarian Belgium (Flemish) - Vegetarianism in France (French), great for improving your French - Annual international Veggie Pride demo in May (French, English, Italian) - Vegetarian Germany (German)
Vegan Travel in the Greek Islands (English) - Vegetarian Budapest, Hungary (English) - Italian Vegetarian Association (in Italian) - activists in Italy (Italian)
Vegan Rome (English) - Vegetarian Society of Norway (Norwegian) - Vegetarian Moscow (English) Spanish country veggie guesthouse and restaurant near Granada (English, French, Spanish) - Vegetarian Switzerland (German)

International - International Vegetarian Union - Global restaurants - Global restaurants - Global restaurants - Universal Currency convertor - Paste blocks of text for translation

How to be Vegetarian or Vegan

Nutrition & Recipes - vegan recipes by type and ingredient - Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine - site of Michael Greger M.D. - Porphyry's People - papers on vegan nutrition - Vegan Society - Vegan Families - How and why vegetarian - Giant veggie health site - Lots of recipes - Lots more recipes - How to go vegan - Vegetarian & Vegan Foundation - Vegetarian Resource Group

Companion Animals - Vegan companion animal diets
Cat and dog food suppliers - Cat and dog food - Vegetarian dog food - Vegetarian dog and cat food

Vegetarian Shoes - high fashion vegan shoes for women

Sites for Activists A-Z of Animal Rights - UK activists site
Campaign Against Cruelty - an activist's handbook - Campaign Against Cruelty (French) - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals - PETA Europe - directory of vegan academic research - Animal Contacts Directory - 15,000 animal protection societies worldwide

Dating - mainly UK vegetarian / vegan dating site - USA vegetarian dating site

Great Travel Sites

Air Travel - Directory of European budget airlines by destination - Cheap flights in Europe - Cheap European flights - British European cheap flights

Rail and Bus Travel - Europe rail passes - Rail travel from London to Paris and Brussels - British national rail - Bargain trains in Britain - Coach/bus travel in Europe - Coach/bus travel in Britain - Bargain coaches/buses in Britain

Vegetarian Holiday Companies - Vegan Sailing, holidays in the Virgin Islands - Holidays in Asia Vegetarian holidays - Worldwide vegetarian group holidays


Budget Accommodation - Student travel guides online - the shopping directory of the lovely veggie people who got us started on the web