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NEW: ANIMUS graphic novel

Book One: Consciousness Rising

Script by SM Worsey, artwork by Brian Gorman

An exciting, powerful new story about wild animals rising up.

All around the world, animals are becoming aware they are exploited by humans. Into this rise in consciousness steps Bren, a badger whose family were trapped and shot by government agents. She's angry. She seeks revenge. She has a calling to assemble a squad of animals to fight back.

A badger, beagle, fox, raven, cat, horse, weasel and rabbit don't seem like much, to challenge and change human society. But Animus squad don't live in society; they live alongside and undetected by it, up trees, down tunnels and across the moors.

Featuring bonus short stories Hunger by Tobias K Phipps and Love Warriors: Midnight Raid by Lex Vegor. Published August 2021. 80 pages.

SM Worsey spent her 20s hunt sabotaging and protesting about the fur trade, horse racing and animal circuses. Plus a high street chemist that used to own animal testing labs. She has subsequently worked as a vegan chef, baker, campaigns officer in a national vegan organisation, created the Scoffer series of vegan cookbooks, and co-wrote The Vegan Guide.

Brian Gorman, B.A. (English Literature and Art), is an artist, writer, playwright and actor. His previous graphic novels include Everyman: The Story of Patrick McGoohan - The Prisoner, Borderliners: True Realities, New Dawn Fades about Joy Division and the 1970s Manchester music scene, and the succesful stage plays New Dawn Fades and One Man Bond.

80 pages. £10.00. ISBN 978-1-7399004-0-3. Published August 2021.

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