Campaign Against Cruelty - An Activist's Handbook

Campaign Against Cruelty - An Activist's Handbook

By Alex Bourke & Ronny Worsey

This handbook shows you how to launch a local campaigning group, run different kinds of street stalls, arrange a meeting or video showing, speak in public or to groups and schools, produce leaflets, posters and newsletters, raise money, promote veggie and vegan food in your area and veganize your canteen, organise a demonstration, appear successfully on tv and radio, understand how the law affects your right to protest. Plus a directory of books, magazines and groups which provide info on all aspects of campaigning.

Written by two dedicated, effective and inspiring campaigners, with contributions from grassroots activists up and down the land, this book contains all the advice you need to start saving animals' lives now. So, what are you waiting for?

192 pages, published June 2001. ISBN 1-898462-02-X

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