A Taste of Leeds

Recipes from the Leeds Vegetarian & Vegan Society


Samples From A Taste of Leeds
Date: October 2009
  • Soups
    Creamy plantain & aubergine soup
    Parsnip, apple & ginger soup
    In the raw flamingo soup
    Sweet potato soup
    Sumptuous pumpkin soup
    Spring green soup
    Chestnut soup

  • Dips and Pates
    Adaptable dressing
    Mushroom pate
    Peanut & raisin dip
    Walnut & parsley dressing
    Roasted petter, fennel & cashew nut dip
    Divine cashew mushroom gravy
    Mixed seed soft cheese
    Cheesy red pepper spread
    Savoury plum sauce
    Gorgeous avocado dip
    Coconut chutney
    Beetroot chutney
    Fresh coriander chutney
    Red lentil & tomato dip
    Cashew & olive pate

  • Salads
    Waldorf salad
    Smoky tofu salad
    Grate salads

  • Main courses
    Lentil bolognese sauce
    Special fried rice or noodles
    Nut roast
    Carrot flan
    Moroccan pumpkin & butterbeans
    Herb dumplings
    Chickpea, leek & apricot hot pot
    Carrot, parsnip & cashew roast
    Hot hummus pie
    Aubergine curry
    Roast vegetables
    Nori (vegan sushi) rolls
    La socca
    Lentil enchiladas
    Rice and lentils
    Cauliflower with lemon lentil topping
    Vegiventures tofu burgers
    Moroccan-style chickpeas with saffron rice
    Vegetable spring rolls
    Aromatic vegetable stir-fry
    Mung bean dahl
    Red cabbage & buckwheat roast
    Redbean stew & dumplings
    Corn tortilla pizzas
    French toast
    Sweet potatoes with red onion marmalade
    Polenta triangles
    Tofu cheese truffles
    Beetroot mousse
    Courgette & chickpea filo pie
    Healthier vegetable terrine
    Parsnip & potato rosti
    Spicy potatoes
    Sugar-free 'mincemeat'
    Rice bread

  • Cakes & desserts
    No-bake carrot cake
    Parsnip, pear & date cake
    Pear & ginger cake
    Chocolate cake
    Carrot cake
    Wheatear's chocolate cheesecake
    Sumptuous chocolate, raspberry & hazelnut cake
    Gorgeous apple pecan cheesecake
    Sugar-free Christmas cake
    Carob fudge
    Carob and coconut ice-cream
    Healthy bonfire boffees
    Autumn plum crumble
    Oaty apricot squares
    No-bake flapjack
    Super healthy apricot truffles
    Banana mousse
    Apple & cashew nut delight
    Rum Truffles
    Cherry walnut chews
    Date/chocolate Rice Krispie slices
    Apricot & coconut slice
    Quick 'n' easy trifle
    Alison's best ever lemon pud
    Luxury fruit flapjacks
    Lemon curd sauce
    Chocolate biscuits

  • Conversion tables
    Gas mark - centigrade - fahrenheit
    Liquid metric millilitres (ml) - imperial ounces (oz)
    Weight metric grammes (g) - imperial ounces (oz)
    Volume pint ml cups, teaspoon (tsp) dessert spoon (dsp) tablespoon (tbs) ml

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