National Animal Rights Groups

All of these groups produce leaflets which you can use for stalls. Some also sell posters, books and videos.

Animal Aid

Captive Animals Protection Society

Hunt Saboteurs Association

League Against Cruel Sports

National Anti Vivisection Society

Respect for Animals



To find any local or national group or sanctuary, use the Animal Contacts Directory

For groups worldwide, use World Animal Net

There are a wide range of animal rights events happening all over Britain almost every week.

To keep up to date, visit Veggies' Animal Rights Calendar website regularly.

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Information about vegan nutrition, practical advice etc.

Vegan Society homepage

Vegetarian Society

Vegetarian & Vegan Foundation

Mother and Baby guide

Real foods (all round useful info)


Vegan village (lots of links)

Veganstore (food, shoes etc.)

Ethical wares (shoes, belts)

Vegetarian Shoes

Veganline (leather-look shoes)

Honesty (entirely vegan cosmetics)

Animal Friends Insurance

Other Useful Sites

Our site

Land and Liberty (vegan permaculture info)

Vegan Action

Animal Ingredients A-Z

Jeffrey Masson (animal rights writer)

Plants For A Future

Networking and Moral Support

Vegans Uncensored

Eco vegans & earth citizens

Vegan UK

Young Vegan Network (a new club 18-30)

Vegan Family House (advice and support)

Vegsource (discussion boards, based USA)

There is also a vegan recipe newsgroup called: