Campaign Against Cruelty
An animal activists' handbook


Highly recommended new resources include:

Animal Rights, the video An excellent introduction to the subject. Great for school talks. Available from Vegetarian Guides.

The Food Revolution by John Robbins. Presents a very powerful argument against animal farming.

Becoming Vegan by Brenda Davis and Vesanto Melina.


15. the campaigners HIT PARADE

(This was compiled in 1998. Since then, there have been some excellent new additions to the library of books available on animal rights philosophy and going vegan.)

For a great selection of books, including cook books, visit: Animal Aid Online Shop

Your DJ is Alex, who presents his personal selection of top 10 hits for activists. First up is the


1. Why Vegan by Kath Clements
2. The Silent Ark by Juliet Gellatley
3. Beyond Beef by Jeremy Rifkin
4. How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie
5. The New Why You Don't Need Meat by Peter Cox
6. Getting to Yes by Ury and Fisher
7. May All Be Fed by John Robbins (US import)
8. Vegan Nutrition by Gill Langley
9. The Animal Free Shopper by Richard and the Vegans
10. Jonathon Livingston Seagull

Chart tips for the latest releases to start storming up the charts:

McLibel by John Vidal
The LiveWire Guide to Going, Being and Staying Vegetarian by Juliet Gellatley


1. Truth or Dairy (12) Rasta supervegan Benjamin Zephaniah dishes the dirt on dairy.
2. Food Without Fear (PG) This cracker's been in the chart longer than, er, Meat Loaf.
3. Their Future In Your Hands (12) The title says it all...
4. McLibel (PG) McBully gets more than he bargained for.
5. For A Few Pennies More (XXX - a real video nasty) Shocking expos‚ of live exports.

Red hot video tip: Viva's new video for schools


Featuring the best independently produced books for your stalls. See the Resources section for ordering details. As we're doing the chart, we've fixed it. If you don't like it, send us a cash donation and we'll see what we can do.

1. Campaign Against Cruelty
2. How To Turn Vegan
3. Veganism - the way forward
4. The Good Veg Guide
5. Viva's baby guides (double album)
6. The Hippy Cookbook
7. The Cruelty-Free Guide to Amsterdam
8. The Vegan Guide to Paris
9. The L-Plate Vegan
10. Nutrition in a Nutshell

Oi Alex, you can't put your own books in there.

It's my chart Ron. If you don't like it, do your own matey.

Right, I will then.


1.) Animal Contacts Directory by Veggies
The new why you don't need meat by Peter Cox
3.) The Animal Welfare Handbook by Barry Kew
4.) The Livewire guide to going, being and staying veggie by Juliet Gellately
5.) Animal Rights by Mark Gold
6.) Food for A Future by Jon Wynne-Tyson
7.) Peter Cox's Guide to Vegetarian Living by Peter Cox
8.) Vegan Nutrition by Gill Langley
9.) Why Vegan? by Kath Clements
10.) The Dreaded Comparison by Marjorie Spiegel


Er, I think I'll go along with Alex's selection, but I'd also highly recommend the `Undercurrents' series. These are news videos professionally compiled from camcorder footage shot by activists and they are both informative, entertaining and very inspiring.


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Campaign Against Cruelty An Animal Activists Handbook

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